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Hogwarts Houses and Working Styles

There are a small number of people who will appreciate this post—the venn diagram of people who have taken or know about the Friendly StyleProfile (also referred to as Gilmore-Fraleigh) and Harry Potter fans is probably very small. The number of people who know the Gilmore-Fraleigh by a set of four colors—might be even fewer.

In college and through volunteer service I was introduced to the Gilmore-Fraleigh working style profile. This profile helps inform the way that we approach interacting with one another and especially how we work with different personalities and their conflict styles. On this profile I usually score a very high Accommodating/Harmonizing—which in the circles I have navigated in volunteer service and seminary is associated with Yellow. There are three other kinds of styles: Affiliating/Perfecting (Red), Achieving/Directing (Green), and Analyzing/Preserving (Blue). There are specific characteristics associated with each Style and I will touch on those below.
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